Decentralized Crypto Management

Next gen assets deserve next gen management. Connect your portfolios in seconds, benchmark your performance, and gain insights from your peers.

See how Stardust is working behind the scenes to build better decentralized infrastructure.

How it works:

Connect all your crypto holdings in seconds

Get immediate, easy to understand Feedback

Explore your peers' portfolios and strategies

We Are Crypto Management Simplified

Just a few of the benefits of investing with Stardust...


Our platform provides an easy to understand, socially generated score so you know exactly how you're stacking up


See your peers' return rates, asset holdings, fee costs, and other key factors to better inform your own investment decisions


We keep a careful eye on your fees and returns, so you know exactly how your coins are performing


We connect directly to the exchanges, so setting up your profile is as easy and simple as logging into your account

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About Us

We founded Stardust because we have first hand experience stuggling to invest and learn from others

Adit Patel

As an ex-banking analyst, I've always struggled with the amount of fees that financial institutions charge eveeryday consumers. That's why we founded Stardust to give people the tools and build the infrastructre to push back against usurious fees and anti-consumer policies.

Theresa Garcia

As a lover of blockchain technologies, I’ve been fascinated by the opportunity this technology brings to the masses, particularly as it relates to leveling the global playing field financially. True financial decentralization is the boon that will bring about the exponential age.

Whether it's helping users see how much their paying in fees on a centralzied exchange, providing the social tools to benchmark your finances, or building the layer 1 solution that keeps you safe from front-running attacks on decentalized exchanges; Stardust is on your side helping you better manage your wealth.

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